Randy Otto’s One-Man-Shows

Each show is tailored to your audience and includes ‘Ask Winston’, an unforgettable, interactive Q&A with Winston himself!

Winston Churchill: Man of the Century

From birth to death and beyond…a biographic masterpiece. Journey with Winston from his 18th Century upbringing, through careers as soldier, journalist, politician, statesman then ultimately exploring Churchill’s lasting legacy of leadership and its meaning to us in the 21st Century.

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Winston Churchill: The Blitz

Autumn. 1940. London. Never have so many been so inspired by one man heroically leading the British people to Victory from a London Rooftop. Your audience lives through one night of The Blitz, the German bombing of London. But never fear. Winston is here!

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Winston Churchill: CEO

Churchill’s 8 Timeless Leadership Principles for 21st Century Leaders. Invaluable insights directly from the leader CEO’s (and audiences everywhere!) admire most. Delivered with Churchill’s distinctive wit and style.

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“Of course I never met Winston Churchill, though I have spent time with his only living daughter, Lady Mary Soames, his granddaughter, Edwina Sandys, and his great-grandson, Jonathan Sandys. They gave me more than a whiff of the great man. Recently I had the opportunity to see Randy Otto portray Winston Churchill. His portrayal was marked by gusto and panache, sparking many questions from the audience, which he answered with Churchillian brevity and wit. An evening spent with Randy Otto is as close as you will come to an evening with the colossus of the age, Winston Churchill.” John Ross Truman

Grand-Nephew of President Harry S. Truman